Old Manali Market – A Completely Different Shopping Experience

Now there was time left for visiting just one destination in Manali and so we decided to visit the old Manali market which is very famous for street shopping. I enjoy shopping and hence it was the perfect location to end our trip. The cobble stoned pathways of the quaint village of old Manali leads to a small shopping area that is open from 10 am to 7 pm. This place is quite different from the Mall road of Manali and comprises of quirky little outlets.

There are a wide variety of outlets that sell products such as old music CDs, and ethnic apparels and accessories. It felt like travelling back in time when I was taking a stroll through the old Manali market. The best picks of the market place are T-shirts, beads and other accessories such as bags and artificial jewelleries.

Old Manali Market

Old Manali Market | Image Resource : indiantoursandtravels07.blogspot.in

One can even indulge in the traditional ways of shopping and find some great bargains at this place. The market also features some beautifully designed silver jewellery and colourful woollens that can be purchased for self consumption or can be taken as souvenirs for friends and family.

The old Manali market also sells some beautiful handicraft materials that show the authentic art and culture of the region. Besides the great variety of products kept on sale in this shopping destination one can always find something new here. The atmosphere here is busy yet peaceful. One can set his best bargain foot forward to negotiate the prices for his purchases. Hence this is the perfect place for those who prefer affordable shopping.

Shooping in Old Manali Market

Shooping in Old Manali Market | Image Resource : tourmet.com

I was quite delighted to discover the hidden treasures of Manali in this old market place. Although I retrained myself from over shopping but as I returned back to the hotel I realised I had collected a lot of itty witty products that were probably not necessary. But any ways it was a pleasurable experience for me to be at the old Manali market where one can find everything at very affordable rates. As our trip ended I was very satisfied to have spent such quality time with my family and also to have refreshed my mind and body in the arms of Mother Nature.

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