Ways to Make Your Teaching More Effective

You are considered as a good teacher only if you have brilliant students. Your teaching method should be designed for the convenience of your kids rather than your own convenience. Don’t impose your teaching on them because this would make them rebellious and you won’t want this to happen.

Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips  | Image Resource : exclusive.multibriefs.com

– Understanding your students

As a teacher, it is important to understand who your students are. Every kid has his/her limitations; therefore you must act accordingly. You must take into consideration factors such as age, gender, ethnicity etc. You must be able to understand their interests, fears, negatives/positives and hopes.

– Think like a kid/student

Picture yourself as a student and analyse in what way the subject would be interesting to you. This will help you develop an interesting teaching method.

– Find the purposes behind your teaching

Ask yourself: How important this subject is for my students and how will they understand and apply it?

Student and Teacher Relationships

Student and Teacher Relationships | Image Resource : healthyteachingonline.com

– Get Feedback from the Students

I have a 45 minutes lecture and I always make it a point to ask my students to write down the most interesting, complex, confusing or boring part of the lecture; these feedbacks are often interesting and fun. This type of interaction has helped me in improving my teaching skills and creating better connection with the students.

Kids can often feel shy, afraid or embarrassed to ask questions. Therefore, a teacher should be able to read the face of a particular student. If you notice a kid with confused or distracted look then you should talk to him and bring him back to the topic.

Every once in a while I ask my students for advice. If these suggestions are constructive then I agree on implementing them. My students wanted me to have an audio-visual lecture every week and we implemented it in our schedule.

– Grades and Tests

Analyse what question would be important for your students. Don’t make the test too hard and keep students optimistic about their chance to score.  Your test should not be about marks and grades, it should be about revealing the knowledge, interests and skills.


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