Mariamman Teppakulam Madurai – The Beautiful Temple Pond Of The South

We had a great time at the Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal and I clicked a number of pictures to keep the memories of our visit to this grand palace alive for years to come. I was truly amazed by the exquisite architectural style of this palace. The next destination that we visited during our stay at Madurai was the Vandiyur Mariammam Teppakulam that is a beautiful bond located in the premises of the Vandiyur Mariamman Temple. This temple is located merely at a distance of 2 kilometers from the famous Meenakshi Amman Temple that we had visited earlier.

Mariamman Teppakulam Madurai

Mariamman Teppakulam Madurai | Image Resource :

This temple pond is basically used for devotional festivals and hence has great religious significance. This holy temple pond is connected to the River Vaigai through a system of underground channels. There are 12 granite stairs on all four sides of the pond that lead the way down in the water. Like the Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal, even this temple and this pond were built under the reign of King Thirumalai Nayak. There is a raised platform in the centre of the tank that is known as the Majya Mandapam. There is also the Vinayakar temple and a beautiful garden in the premises.

This pious pond is surrounded by beautiful scenic beauty and hence tourists in large volumes are beckoned to this site every year. Devotees from all parts of the country as well as local devotees visit this temple regularly.  The temple and its pond are renowned for the celebrations of the Float Festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Tamil month of Thai i.e. between 14th January and 15th February every year.

The float festival is celebrated by Tamil residents on a beautiful full moon night and as the temple is lit up in the evening the water of the Mariamman teppakulam pond turns colorful and the scene is truly mystical.  Pilgrims from all parts of the South India travel to Madurai to actively participate in the Float festival. It was a great day that I spent at this site. The soulful and calm environs of this temple pond was a delight for the mind and soul.


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