Gandhi Museum, Madurai – Be Inspired By the Message of Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is the Father of this great nation called India but this has become his only identity among the newer generation. This is a really sad truth which I as a teacher witness every day. Our children know Gandhi only through the historical view of facts and figures. They do not that a man is remembered not just because he was a great leader who fought selflessly for India’s Independence. He is remembered because he taught Indians a way of life. He taught us that power of non-violence is far superior to the might of violence.

Gandhi Museum Madurai

Gandhi Museum Madurai | Image Resource :

Gandhi was not just a leader he was a teacher. Gandhi taught Indians that they could achieve everything if they believed in themselves. It is not difficult to infer the love that Gandhi got from every small village in every corner of the country by from the fact that on his one call the entire nation used to get united in its efforts.

During civil disobedience and the Non-cooperation Movement the people left the use of all foreign manufactured products, many had the bravery to leave their government jobs and sit in the protest of the British. Gandhi realised and made an awakening that the British could not role with pure might and power if the citizens didn’t want them to do so.

Statue of Gandhi at Gandhi Museum Madurai

Statue of Gandhi at Gandhi Museum Madurai | Image Resource :

The city of Madurai is an historic city in India and has witnessed the entire Independence struggle as a major province of southern India. The Gandhi Museum is located in a historic monument in Madurai known as the Tamukkam Palace which was built as early as 1668 A.D. by the Nayak Dynasty. The Nayak Dynasty has a rich influence on Tamil Nadu’s culture, architecture and cuisine. Later the French, the Nizam’s and the British District Collector also used this historic palace.

Gandhi Museum

Gandhi Museum | Image Resource :

Finally in 1955 the palace was donated to the Gandhi Museum trust by the government of Tamil Nadu and was converted into one of the biggest and most unique Gandhi Museum of the world. The trust then extended the premises of the palace by building an entire east wing. This was the part of my trip which I can never forget. The tall pillars of books in the Gandhi Library left me speechless. This is a collection of India’s entire modern and medieval history.


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