Vaigai Dam- Exploring the Natural Beauty of Madurai

The Vagai River is one of the most beautiful natural features in Madurai flowing in the western part of the city. The Vaigai Dam has been built on the Vaigai River in order to provide water for irrigation purposes around the year and later to generate hydroelectric power for the state of Tamil Nadu.

Dams are lifelines for the nation because they are essential for generating clean energy and also to create a prosperous agricultural economy which is the biggest sector in India. The Vaigai Dam also attracts tourism and hence generates additional revenue; this has encouraged the government to invest in the dam’s beautification.

vaigai dam

Vaigai Dam | Image Res :

On this journey of Madurai I have focused on the historical heritage of the city because I am myself a history enthusiast and I wanted my children to learn by experiencing. I wanted them to get inspired and I hope that I have been partially successful in that regard.

I think that it was more of a fun trip for them than an educational one but one should not blame them, will these carefree childhood days ever return? Children must be let free to enjoy their lives as much as they can because this allows them to follow their passions when they grow and realise their full potential. The natural landscape of Madurai was appallingly beautiful and serene and contrary to what I had expected, the city has a quiet lifestyle.

This is what I had wanted. The Vaigai Dam has a beautiful location. The nearby recreation park is also extremely enjoyable. One can get a panoramic view of both sides of the Vaigai Dam standing on the beautiful arching bridge in the park. A Children’s zone has many rides which kept my children busy while I was enjoying the calming influence of the cool breeze emerging from the Vaigai River.

It was finally time for us to start our journey back home. We were going to miss the magnificent city of Madurai and hence it was going to be a long journey back home. All throughout journey we discussed the various experiences and memories that were created during our exciting trip through the delights of Madurai. We will now return to our daily routines but with a rejuvenated spirit.


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