Shopping tips for women at the mall

Shopping tips for women

Often ladies take shopping pretty seriously. Shopping can take a toll on you while finding the right product at the right price or getting the right parking space.

Here are some of tips that will help you become an expert Shopper:

– Tip #1

Arrive at the mall within the first few hour when it opens. This allows you to choose the right parking space for you. If it is a hot and sunny climate then make sure to park under shade. If it is rainy day you should probably park close to the entrance.

– Tip #2

Thursday and Friday mornings are the perfect time to shop since many brands have their weekend sales.

– Tip #3

Shopping is like a workout and it warms you up quickly so make sure to leave your coat in the car.

– Tip #4

While shopping for clothes it is recommended that you wear a shirt with buttons. This allows you to change quickly without messing up your pretty hair.

shopping at mall

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– Tip #5

Change can mess up your makeup so I would recommend that you bring your touch up kit with you.

– Tip #6

If you have shopping coupons then make sure you have them with you at all times. This will allow you to jump into a mall and utilize them whenever required.

– Tip #7

Ask for customer reward card at your favourite place in the mall. For example, whenever I go shopping, I stop by Papa Joe’s and have something. I have their reward card and this way I get a free coffee every time I stop by.

– Tip #8

If you want to check out different snacks at the mall then visit at 11:00 AM on Mondays. You can try out food sample and order the one you like the most.

– Tip #9

While shopping, you may have to do a lot of walking so wear comfortable slippers rather than heels. This also makes changing easier and faster.

– Tip #10

Always take care of your receipts. As a consumer, receipts are very important encase you want to return the purchased item. So keep all your receipts at one place in your purse.

I hope that these tips helped you guys. Feel free to share your shopping tips with me through your comments.


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