Ramoji Film City – Indian Film Industry’s Wonder Place

Once we reached Hyderabad we decided not to waste any further time and begin with the excursions from a famous tourist attraction located in Secunderabad known as the Ramoji Film City. It is said to be an ideal place for the diehard fans of Bollywood Cinema. The film city sprawls over an area of 1667 acres and is full of film sets and lush green compounds decorated with flowers and fountain.

ramoji film city

Ramoji Film City | Image Resource : travelnewsdigest.in

The film city was established by Ramoji Group for providing the film industry with suitable sets and locations. It has all the required settings for a film to be shot and state of the art facilities for all kinds of tourists and travelers who come here to take a glimpse of this massive wonder. There are many movies which have been shot in this film city.

It was a wonderful feeling to visit the film city. I have always heard of the big banner films whose sets are recreated in these kinds of film cities but this was the first time we visited a real one. There are many top film houses which have used the sets of Ramoji film City to shoot their movies. The film city is also an active centre for other media like newspapers and television channels like ETV.

The film city is also an ideal destination for leisure purposes. The place has many entertainment facilities which include games, shopping destinations and food courts. There is also provision for corporate events at the film city. It was a great place to begin our adventures in the city. It is one of those places where you love to hang out with kids and family.

There are many packages available for tourists to visit the film city. There is a royal Package which includes air conditioned bus tour of the entire film city and lunch at a premium hotel of the city. Once we were done with the visit to this amazing film city, we headed for our next destination which was the Falaknuma Palace of Hyderabad, a famous attraction of the city and a heritage palace barely 5 km from the Charminar.

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