Falaknuma Palace – A Lavish Palace Showcasing the Royalty of Nizams

It was a wonderful visit to the Ramoji Film City. This was the first time we witnessed such massive film sets and got an idea how much work goes on into making the movies and television series. After the trip to Ramoji Film city, we went to visit the next destination in our list which was the Falaknuma Palace, one of the biggest attractions in the city of Hyderabad.

falaknuma palace

Falaknuma Palace | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The palace was built by Vikar-ul-Ulmara and its construction started in the year 1884. After 9 years of construction the Palace was complete. It is one of the finest palaces located in the city which is made up of Italian marbles. The palace was later on bought by the Nizam IV of Hyderabad and since functioned as the Royal guest house. The biggest attraction of the palace is its reception which is lavishly adorned with imported frescoes from Europe.

falaknuma Palace dining table

Falaknuma Palace Dining Table | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The Palace is spread across an area of 9 lakh square metres and has 220 rooms and more than 20 halls all of which are lavishly decorated. The dining table of the Palace can accommodate 100 guests at one time. The table ware is made of gold and silver. The Palace truly represents the wealth and class of the Nizams of Hyderabad.

The walls of the halls showcase some of the finest oil paintings of the family of Asafi Jahi and other notable dignitaries from around the world. The staircase serves as a historic picture gallery. The Palace is certainly one of the distinguished landmarks of the city.  A trip to the city is incomplete without a visit to the Falaknuma Palace.

The palace is hardly 5 km from Charminar and there are many modes of transport available from the city to reach there. Those who love to visit palaces and forts, Falaknuma Palace is a must visit for them to see how lavish the Royalty of Hyderabad were. After the visit to the Palace, we decided to try some of the local Hyderabadi food and visit our next place which was the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad. It is one of the biggest zoos in the state.


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