Salar Jang Museum – A Rich Collection of Arts, Artefacts and Antiques

Charminar trip was a scintillating experience. We had always seen this monument on either television or magazines but watching it for real was a feeling beyond words. The next place which we visited in Hyderabad was the Salar Jang museum. The museum has a very rich collection of art and artefacts which were collected by Salar Jang III who was the Prime Minister to Nizam. The person devoted his entire life to collection of rare arts and antiques.

salar jang museum

Salar Jang Museum | Image Resource :

It has a rich collection of books, paintings, antiques and holographs. Indian art section comprises of beautiful paintings and other sculptures which are made of rare precious stones. We also saw some of the best war attires and war arms which were used by armies for battles since centuries. All the artefacts present inside the museum are full of historic relevance and significance.

salar jung museum

Paintings At Salar Jang Museum | Image Resource :


salar jung museum

Weapons At Salar Jang Museum | Image Resource :

There is also a section which is meant exclusively for artefacts belonging to Middle East nations and comprises of carpets, lacquer and wooden furniture. The far eastern section of the museum has various artefacts and other antiques from China, Japan and Korea. We were thrilled to see the arms and weapons which were used by Mughal Kings like Aurangzeb, Shah Jahan and Jahangir.

A rare section of the museum which is liked by everyone is where they house various antique clocks from all over the world. One of the clocks is made by British artists and is musical. The museum is full of knowledge and history. It showcases the traditional heritage of India since medieval times. The efforts of Salar Jang III in collecting all these artefacts and restoring them to their original glory are commendable.

The museum is surely a must visit place for everyone. The artefacts and antiques housed there are sure to leave everyone awestricken. All of us had a wonderful time inside the museum, the kids especially enjoyed the most. After the visit to the museum we headed back to our hotel and a famous recreation location in the city which was the Haritha Taramati Baradari Resort which is run and maintained by the Telangana State Tourism Department.


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