What To Keep In Mind When You Teach Your Child To Sew?

One must keep his child busy in the growing stages. You can engage your child in different activities like painting, sewing, making crafts, writing and singing. Sewing is an art that should be taught to the child keeping certain guidelines in mind. Here are some vital facts you must remember when you teach your child to sew.

teaching kids to sew

Teaching Kids to Sew | Image Resource : makeit-loveit.com

Teach The Child The Basic Concepts Of Sewing

Avoid your temptation to dictate rules to your child. A child learns sewing only when you teach the child different concepts related to sewing.

  • Sewing Basics

The child should understand that sewing helps to hold the two pieces of fabric together. They are used with a purpose similar to gluing or stapling the fabrics together.

  • Stitch Length

The stitch length actually decides the tightness of the stitch. The stitches must be close to each other if you want a tight stitch.

  • Layers

Many times when we sew, we tend to work in layers. We may also have to work in backward layers. You must thus explain the concept of layers clearly to your child.

  • Be By Your Child’s Side Guiding And Helping
guid your child to sew

Guid Your child To Sew | Image Resource : offsetwarehouse.com

It is always best to be by your child guiding him at every stage how he should go about sewing. This helps kids to feel motivated.

  • Proceed With Sewing Gradually

Do not expect the child to learn everything at a fast pace. Proceed in a slow and gradual pace so that the child has enough time to grasp the techniques. You must start off with simple fabrics that are easy to sew. Once the child gets the hang of it, you may proceed to tougher fabrics. Gradual transitions are always better for the learning process.

  • Be Patient With Your Child

Do not underestimate your child’s abilities. Proceed in a gradual way encouraging your child to use his creative skills. Appreciate your child’s art and intelligence. This will surely help the child to learn faster.

Never be strict with a child. A child learns only when his skills are duly appreciated and admired.

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