Visit The City Of Nawabs: Experience The Best Things To Do In Hyderabad!

Hyderabad is commonly known as the diamond and pearl trade centre of India. The city is dotted with ancient monuments built by the former rulers and is home to the malls and modern office spaces of today’s generation. The amalgamation of culture and modern ideas can be witnessed in this beautiful city. It has much to offer to its residents as well as the curious tourists.

the beautiful view of hyderabad city

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Jewellery Tour along with Learning the Art of making Jewels: Best Things To Do In Hyderabad!

The jewellery tours are one of the most preferred things to do in Hyderabad. They get a chance to learn as well as witness the beauty of the jewels which are for sale. One of the ongoing tours is being held in the Masab Tank, Hyderabad. The ticket is charged at 600 INR per head and the tour is an interactive session where one can make their own bangles and learn from experts in the business. The bangles are customized with the names of the maker.

bangles customised with names

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Bidri Bangles at hyderabad market places

Bidri Bangles at hyderabad market places | Image Resource :


bidri arts & crafts

Bidri Arts & Crafts Hyderabad | Image Resource :

Another interesting jewellery tour is being held at the Bidri Arts & Crafts. A famed Hyderabadi pearl artist will be overlooking the session and teaching the art of making exquisite pearl jewellery like pendants, necklaces, bracelets and more to the crowd. The tour ticket is priced at 720 INR.

Horse Riding and traditional Yoga Classes – Things To Do In Hyderabad

Horse riding is something which has been intriguing the tourists and has become a famous activity in Hyderabad. One of such activities is being held at the Toli Chowike 7 Tomb, Gulshan Colony. One also gets to experience and learn about how to tame a horse and ride the animal whilst learning some important facts about the beast.

Enjoy adventurous horse riding in hyderabad

Enjoy adventurous horse riding in hyderabad | Image Resource :

Yoga classes have been a rage with the younger generation and presently the most sought after things to do in Hyderabad. Both the tourists and the residents have been receptive to yoga and its advantages. Presently, power and traditional yoga classes are being held at the Kalyan Nagar, 3rd Floor, Near SR Nagar.


Yoga classes at hyderabad

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Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Republic Day!

happy republic day

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Republic Day Message : Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January every year, throughout India. It is the day, the Constitution Of India came into force. Every state hoists flags and a number of events take place, with the involvement of police forces, army, navy, airforce and other specialized security forces. It is the day, in which every Indian should feel proud and realize the great country he/she lives in.


Swami Vivekanand Jayanti Wishes

swami Vivekanand Jayanti

Swami Vivekanand Jayanti | Image Resource :

Swami Vivekananda – the visionary, monk and patriotic saint India, was born on 12th January, in the year 1863. For his deeds, he’s been immortalized in he Indian Calendar and every year, this day is celebrated as National Youth Day. That is according to the Gregorian calendar. According to Hindu calendar, his birth anniversary arrives on 31st of January.

May this year bring to you all 365 days of happiness and joy. Happy New Year 2016.

new year wishesh

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New Year Message : I wish all my friends, family and well-wishers a very happy and cheerful new year. My wishes are also for the ones who belong to an altogether different corner of the world. This is the day for which we all have been waiting for eagerly so that we can give a start to all our new ventures, dreams and goals.

Wishing you and your loved ones a warm and wondrous Christmas!

happy christmas

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Christmas Message : Christmas reminds me of the wonderful story of how Jesus Christ was born. In the cold night, three kings kneeling before a baby boy is the image that has stuck in my mind. In the same spirit Christmas gives us hope to wish and look forward to what the next year holds for us.


Top Five Resorts In Hyderabad For Making Your Vacation Awesome!

Hey everyone! It’s your Anushri here, and once again I have come up with a blog that you would find highly information yet interesting. Being a teacher of history subject, places like Hyderabad always attract me. I find their charisma quite fascinating.

The charm of this old city perfectly captures the elements of modern world as well. Even though the resorts in Hyderabad provide all the elements of modern luxury, but their souls still make you feel close to Nature. The tropical wet and dry climate of this city combined with its rich flora and fauna makes the resorts truly enchanting. There are a number of wildlife sanctuaries in Hyderabad.

resorts In hyderabad

Resorts In Hyderabad | Image Resource :

To help you out for your next trip to Hyderabad, I have jotted down five really good resorts in this city. Check them out:

vishal prakruthi resorts

Kid’s Pool of Vishal Prakruthi Resorts | Image Resource :

Vishal Prakruthi Resorts– The most attractive aspect about this resort which I think is the ethnic look. If you are a lover of nature and also happen to be vegetarian, this resort will surely impress you. With facilities like kid’s pool, steam bath, and indoor games, Vishal Prakruthi can be an outstanding choice.

golkonda resorts and spa

Night View of Golkonda Resorts and Spa | Image Resource :

Golkonda Resorts and Spa– It is needless to say that this resort is primarily known for its state-of-the-art spa facilities. If you have the desire to revive your worn out mind and body then I would strongly recommend this option in Hyderabad.

leonia holistic Resorts

Pool Side View of Leonia Holistic Resorts | Image Resource :

Leonia Holistic Destination– This resort I believe is inclined more towards a luxurious treat. The rooms are quite large and the interiors are absolutely modern and trendy. Safe box, refrigerator, and iron are some of the basic amenities provided by this resort.

dhola-ri-dhani resort

View Of Dhola-ri-Dhani Resort | Image Resource :

Dhola-ri-Dhani– From the name itself you can make a guess about its theme. This resort is for those who want to experience Rajasthani hospitability at its best. The elegantly designed rooms come with features like mini bar, safe box, laundry bag, etc. Rajasthani folk musical performance and other cultural events are often organized at this resort for the guests.

celebrity club

Night View of Celebrity Club | Image Resource :

Celebrity Club– Last but not the least, this is one of the best resorts in Hyderabad that have become famous for its green surroundings. This resort is spread across a huge area situated amid the beauty of Nature. Theme row cottages and Galaxy cottages are the two exclusive options offered by this resort.

Golconda Fort – Magnificent Structure with a Great Historical Significance

After the night spent at the luxurious Harathi Taramati Baradari resort we were quite refreshed to begin our next day’s adventure in the city. Our trip to Hyderabad was coming to an end so we decided to make most of the day. The next place which we decided to visit was the Golconda Fort. The fort is one of the most famous attractions in the city and is located on the outskirts and resembles a mini kingdom.

The look of the fort from outside is truly spectacular. Its mega walls and the rustic gates of the fort together with the ruins reminds of the bygone era of the city. The fort once used to be the centre of the diamond trade and this is the reason some of the most precious stones like Kohinoor and Daryainoor were excavated from the area near the fort.

golconda fort

Golconda Fort Hyderabad | Image Resource :

The walls of the Golconda Fort are 20 metre high and its gigantic gates catch the admiration of one and all. The visit to this fort seemed like a time travel back to history. There are some key attractions which one can find inside the fort. Fateh Darwaza or the Victory gate is one of the best attractions inside the fort.

fateh darwaza

Fateh Darwaza | Image Resource :

carvings of hanuman ,ram and lakshma in golconda fort

Carvings of Hanuman ,Ram and Lakshma in Golconda Fort | Image Resource :

When we entered the fort we were spell bound to see the domes, halls and the presence of temples and mosques inside the fort. There are also the Royal stables which are present inside the complex of the fort. The 400 year old gardens are lush green. One has to hike a bit inside the fort as many spots inside the complex are located at higher places. It is good to wear some shoes for this visit.

The fort also arranges for light and sound show which is held in the evening and the entire tale of the fort and the Hyderabad is narrated through the show. We were lucky to get tickets for the light show. The place is surely one of the must visit places in Hyderabad due to its beauty and relevance.

After this visit to the Golconda Fort, the next place which we visited was the Qutub Shahi tombs.