Pandoh Dam Manali – A Calm and Serene Site

Now since our time for returning back home was drawing nearer there was still so much to explore in this beautiful hill town of Manali. Keeping in mind the time constraint we decided to visit the Pandoh Dam in Manali. As such it is not a commercialised tourist destination but still it is a decent and calm place to visit located on the route from Shimla to Manali.

Getting down the dam is allowed and tourists hang out here to spend lazy afternoons and relax. The sound of the flowing water and lush green mountainous terrain add to the charm of this place. We carried some snacks and beverages along with us and enjoyed a small brunch while sitting and relaxing at the Pandoh Dam.

Pandoh Dam Manali

Pandoh Dam Manali | Image Resource :

There is a PWD guest house nearby the dam where one can stay overnight and enjoy the melodious sound of the water of the Beas River gushing through the dam. Talking about the architecture of the Pandoh dam it somewhat reminded me of the Hoover dam that I had visited earlier.  The dam is not only a tourist spot but this mega structure is a hydro power plant that supplies electricity to the states of Punjab and Delhi. Hence it also has economic significance.

Although photography is strictly prohibited in the vicinity one can surely stop by and soak the beauty of the landscape for a couple of hours. The HPMC outlet located near the dam offers natural products such as bottled juices and jams etc. on purchase. There are also a couple of eateries in the vicinity that sell out snacks and beverages to tourists who stop by the dam.

Both my kids were quite excited as it was the first time that they were seeing a dam. I also explained them how useful it is as it reaps the tidal energy and converts it into electricity. The reservoir of this dam has a total capacity of 41000000 cubic metres of water and its power station has an installed capacity of 990 mega watts. This dam was constructed in 1977 as a part of the Beas project for power generation.


Travel Photo of The Week : Arambol Beach Goa

Arambol Beach Goa

Arambol Beach Goa | Image Resource :

Arambol Beach Goa :  Emerald bluish oceanic views enticed my recent holiday to Goa. Even after several days of coming back from the vacation, those exciting moments along the seafront at Arambol Beach lingered in my memories. Soothing sound of the waves on one side and the lullaby of the wind over the trees on the hillside made my day, pleasant.

Chapora Beach Goa – The Sand, The Sun and The Scenes!

Like Goa, Puri- my home town is known for its beaches too. But when in Goa, I saw a marked different between beaches of two. Among all the beaches in Goa, it was Chapora beach which gave me this feeling most. Before our trip, we were told by the hotel to carry some bottles of mineral water along with us as there is a dearth of clean drinking water in the beach.

When we reached at the Chapora beach, the clock showed 10.00 AM in the morning. Located in North Goa, it was at 10 KM distance from Mapusa. Once we stepped out of the cab, the pristine view of beach caught my breath all at once. The children started running around while my friend and I were on a photo-clicking spree. Apart from the mind-blowing view of the ocean and fish trawlers, it was the Chapora fort that became our next destination. Few scenes of bollywood smash hit ‘ Dil Chahta Hai’ was shot in Chapora Fort, and once I informed this piece of breaking news to my friend she started jumping excitedly like a child, being an ardent Amir Khan fan! ‘

Chapora Beach Goa

Chapora Beach Goa | Image Resource :

When we got in front of this shambling Portuguese fort, the steeped stairways looked really discouraging at the first glance. But it was the mesmerizing view of Goa from the top of the fort- that made us forget the pain on our knees. It was a sunny day and we considered ourselves lucky that we got to see a 360-degree view of Goa from there.

Upon descending, we went to the famous Ganesh juice centre nearby to have a glass of fresh juice each. I also noticed that there were lots of cheap shacks around the place providing the backpackers nice, affordable staying joints. We had the most unforgettable lunch in such a shack on that day- with Goan prawn curry and rice!

We stayed there in Chapora beach till the time of Sun set and when the sun was setting down painting the western sky red and making the color of the water crimson; I thanked god for this beautiful creation of nature.