Ways to Make Your Teaching More Effective

You are considered as a good teacher only if you have brilliant students. Your teaching method should be designed for the convenience of your kids rather than your own convenience. Don’t impose your teaching on them because this would make them rebellious and you won’t want this to happen.

Teaching Tips

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– Understanding your students

As a teacher, it is important to understand who your students are. Every kid has his/her limitations; therefore you must act accordingly. You must take into consideration factors such as age, gender, ethnicity etc. You must be able to understand their interests, fears, negatives/positives and hopes.

– Think like a kid/student

Picture yourself as a student and analyse in what way the subject would be interesting to you. This will help you develop an interesting teaching method.

– Find the purposes behind your teaching

Ask yourself: How important this subject is for my students and how will they understand and apply it?

Student and Teacher Relationships

Student and Teacher Relationships | Image Resource : healthyteachingonline.com

– Get Feedback from the Students

I have a 45 minutes lecture and I always make it a point to ask my students to write down the most interesting, complex, confusing or boring part of the lecture; these feedbacks are often interesting and fun. This type of interaction has helped me in improving my teaching skills and creating better connection with the students.

Kids can often feel shy, afraid or embarrassed to ask questions. Therefore, a teacher should be able to read the face of a particular student. If you notice a kid with confused or distracted look then you should talk to him and bring him back to the topic.

Every once in a while I ask my students for advice. If these suggestions are constructive then I agree on implementing them. My students wanted me to have an audio-visual lecture every week and we implemented it in our schedule.

– Grades and Tests

Analyse what question would be important for your students. Don’t make the test too hard and keep students optimistic about their chance to score.  Your test should not be about marks and grades, it should be about revealing the knowledge, interests and skills.

Teach Your Kids To Value Time And Money

Parenting is a tough task. You have to become a role model to your child. You must be able to guide your child and teach them to lead a good life. You should teach them the importance of time and money. These are two factors that continually govern our lives.

It is always easy to teach your children diverse values through interactive games and quizzes. These retain the attention span of children too. I just figured out a few games and methods to teach kids the value of time and money.

Time And Money

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Imaginary Salary
Let your child imagine that he has a salary of Rs 50 per hour and he works 40 hours each week. Make your child calculate how much time he will need to earn a certain amount. The amount can be the price of your child’s favorite toy. As the child learns the use of money, you may increase the sum. You may even use the pocket money as fake wage for older children.

The ‘What If’ Game
This is another way of doing the same thing. You can use a quiz to learn how much your child understands the value of money. You may start with ‘what if you had Rs 50? what would you do with it?’ You can slowly increase the amount. Make sure you note down the results. Play the game at some later period of time to know the difference in the child’s understanding.

‘Spending Time’ Concept
People in India manage to teach children to value money. They often fail to teach children the importance of time. Many people struggle all life to earn money but barely get to enjoy it.

The concept of spending time is a great way to teach your child to value time. Make your child note down the total time he is awake. You should also tell him to note down the daily activities like playing, going to school, watching television etc. The activities may be fixed time activities or variable time activities.

Value of Time and Money

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You may also note down which are your child’s favorite activities. You may then calculate the percentage of time the child spends in activities he likes. This is a great way to teach your child the value of time as a resource.

S.P. College, Pune – For the Inspiration of Finishing Work Undertaken Unflinchingly

Pune trip was threatening to wrap up but there was just the very important S.P.College, Pune left to explore to learn a thing or two from the famous college campus. Bought into existence in the year 1916, S.P. College is also known as Sir Parshurambhau College. Along with the history of this great college, one of the illustrated name that finds its mention is the name of the famous nationalist leader, Shri Lokmanya Tilak who made all possible efforts to gain the land for the college premise and was able to procure it successfully.

S P College, Pune

S P College, Pune | Image Resource : spcollegepune.ac.in/#

View of S P College

View of S P College, Pune | Image Resource : spcollegepune.ac.in/#

The college has in its heart a resolve to bring to its students an excellent grade of education which will not only shape their personalities for their future prospects but also eventually secure the future of the nation. Through the mainstream computer aided courses and other complimentary endeavors, the college has been successfully able to make fruitful strides to its goal. It has within its premise all types of infrastructure for the correct development of its inmates. There is the gymkhana, the Olympic size swimming pool, hostel accommodations, and lovely playgrounds all contributing to the improvement of the students here at the College.

S P College Laibrary

S P College Laibrary | Image Resource : spcollegepune.ac.in/#

S P College Garden

S P College Garden | Image Resource : spcollegepune.ac.in/#

S P College

S P College | Image Resource : spcollegepune.ac.in/#

We took a patient tour of the S.P.College, Pune and once done made our way to the hotel to finish with our packing and leave back for our home. The travel would take hours but we had enough memories imprinted in our minds, hearts and in our cameras which will be never be forgotten. Predictably, we spent the journey speaking about our experiences; it had been a great time spent with my family. I am sure the trip had enriched their minds, broadened their perspectives and made them more educated about the treasured places of our country. Until, the next journey to yet another exciting city or destination of the country, there was enough for the kids to share among friends. Time will pass away but their experiences will continue to be a part of their lives, all their lives and will surely shape them into better informed and responsible human beings, the kinds that remain rooted to their culture.

My favourite Historical Book – Necropolis: London and its Dead by Catharine Arnold

Today, I would love to recommend all my dear friends to read Necropolis: London and its dead by Catharine Arnold. This is one of my favourite books. I have always keen on learning about different funerary ways across different sections of society, countries. I would suggest this book for all those who are passionate to know about the past times of London city.

In this enthralling book Author Catharine has described about how London treated its, dead right from the Romanian funeral cremations to horrors of the plague. How the great Victorian cemeteries were founded, the mourning cult, death of Princess Diana and much more.

History of London is quite well elaborated when it comes to dealing with the deceased. The funerary practices of prehistoric era is touched in brief. While on other hand medieval periods, perception on death is explained in detail, it covered the gap I lacked and was insightful for me. The history of graveyards extensively covers the changes from 1500 until the start of 1800’s.

Victorian path of death enfolds and exemplifies so many enticing situations, which were never followed. Mourning women reflecting eroticism is a fact and I liked reading it.  Even the popular good death and bad death idea was touched in depth.

Overall, it is an enjoyable reading experience. The book states how the funerary practices transformed after the First World War.