Ways to Improve Reading Skills in Children of Different Age Groups

In my teaching profession, I have observed that children grasp differently at different age groups. The way they are brought up has a great impact on the way they learn and mentally evolve. The age of a child has a great impact on the grasping power of the child. People keep complaining that the advent of internet has adversely affected the reading habit among individuals. Here are some simple tricks and tips, which will help the child, read well even in the era of internet.

improve reading skills in children

Improve Reading Skills in Children | Image Resource : en.paperblog.com

  • For Children Up to 6 years of Age
    Children in this age are always inquisitive and curious. This is the apt time to develop a child’s interest in reading.
  • Read Stories to Your Children
    Children of this age love fairy tales and moral stories. You can read out stories to your children. You can even make them read storybooks. Read a story half and leave them guessing how the story will end. The child may attempt reading just out of curiosity to know the end. This is also the perfect age to narrate moral stories.
  • Arrange Weekly Quizzes for Children of this Age Group
    Arrange weekly quizzes with gifts for children of this age group. Answer to all the questions should be in the books at home. The child may try to read and learn just so that he wins the quiz.
  • For Children Aged 6-8 years
    Children aged 6-8 years are more restless and full of energy. It is difficult to hold the interest of these kids with stories. Here are ways to encourage children of this age group to read.
  • Play Games That Involve Reading
    Many indoor games may involve reading. You may play monopoly, scrabble, or any other indoor game that involves reading. This may help the child develop the reading habit.
  • Online Games to Improve Vocabulary
    Encourage your child to play online games like crossword. These are known to improve the child’s vocabulary. You may even encourage your child to participate in online crossword competitions.
  • Teach Them One Word In A Day
    You may develop the habit of teaching the child ne word in a day. You must teach the child a new word with its meaning, use in sentences and pronunciation. This will also help the child improve his language skills.