Visit The City Of Nawabs: Experience The Best Things To Do In Hyderabad!

Hyderabad is commonly known as the diamond and pearl trade centre of India. The city is dotted with ancient monuments built by the former rulers and is home to the malls and modern office spaces of today’s generation. The amalgamation of culture and modern ideas can be witnessed in this beautiful city. It has much to offer to its residents as well as the curious tourists.

the beautiful view of hyderabad city

The Beautiful View Of Hyderabad City | Image Resource :

Jewellery Tour along with Learning the Art of making Jewels: Best Things To Do In Hyderabad!

The jewellery tours are one of the most preferred things to do in Hyderabad. They get a chance to learn as well as witness the beauty of the jewels which are for sale. One of the ongoing tours is being held in the Masab Tank, Hyderabad. The ticket is charged at 600 INR per head and the tour is an interactive session where one can make their own bangles and learn from experts in the business. The bangles are customized with the names of the maker.

bangles customised with names

Bangles Customised With Names | Image Resource :


Bidri Bangles at hyderabad market places

Bidri Bangles at hyderabad market places | Image Resource :


bidri arts & crafts

Bidri Arts & Crafts Hyderabad | Image Resource :

Another interesting jewellery tour is being held at the Bidri Arts & Crafts. A famed Hyderabadi pearl artist will be overlooking the session and teaching the art of making exquisite pearl jewellery like pendants, necklaces, bracelets and more to the crowd. The tour ticket is priced at 720 INR.

Horse Riding and traditional Yoga Classes – Things To Do In Hyderabad

Horse riding is something which has been intriguing the tourists and has become a famous activity in Hyderabad. One of such activities is being held at the Toli Chowike 7 Tomb, Gulshan Colony. One also gets to experience and learn about how to tame a horse and ride the animal whilst learning some important facts about the beast.

Enjoy adventurous horse riding in hyderabad

Enjoy adventurous horse riding in hyderabad | Image Resource :

Yoga classes have been a rage with the younger generation and presently the most sought after things to do in Hyderabad. Both the tourists and the residents have been receptive to yoga and its advantages. Presently, power and traditional yoga classes are being held at the Kalyan Nagar, 3rd Floor, Near SR Nagar.


Yoga classes at hyderabad

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Shopping tips for women at the mall

Shopping tips for women

Often ladies take shopping pretty seriously. Shopping can take a toll on you while finding the right product at the right price or getting the right parking space.

Here are some of tips that will help you become an expert Shopper:

– Tip #1

Arrive at the mall within the first few hour when it opens. This allows you to choose the right parking space for you. If it is a hot and sunny climate then make sure to park under shade. If it is rainy day you should probably park close to the entrance.

– Tip #2

Thursday and Friday mornings are the perfect time to shop since many brands have their weekend sales.

– Tip #3

Shopping is like a workout and it warms you up quickly so make sure to leave your coat in the car.

– Tip #4

While shopping for clothes it is recommended that you wear a shirt with buttons. This allows you to change quickly without messing up your pretty hair.

shopping at mall

Shopping at mall | Image Resource :

– Tip #5

Change can mess up your makeup so I would recommend that you bring your touch up kit with you.

– Tip #6

If you have shopping coupons then make sure you have them with you at all times. This will allow you to jump into a mall and utilize them whenever required.

– Tip #7

Ask for customer reward card at your favourite place in the mall. For example, whenever I go shopping, I stop by Papa Joe’s and have something. I have their reward card and this way I get a free coffee every time I stop by.

– Tip #8

If you want to check out different snacks at the mall then visit at 11:00 AM on Mondays. You can try out food sample and order the one you like the most.

– Tip #9

While shopping, you may have to do a lot of walking so wear comfortable slippers rather than heels. This also makes changing easier and faster.

– Tip #10

Always take care of your receipts. As a consumer, receipts are very important encase you want to return the purchased item. So keep all your receipts at one place in your purse.

I hope that these tips helped you guys. Feel free to share your shopping tips with me through your comments.

Old Manali Market – A Completely Different Shopping Experience

Now there was time left for visiting just one destination in Manali and so we decided to visit the old Manali market which is very famous for street shopping. I enjoy shopping and hence it was the perfect location to end our trip. The cobble stoned pathways of the quaint village of old Manali leads to a small shopping area that is open from 10 am to 7 pm. This place is quite different from the Mall road of Manali and comprises of quirky little outlets.

There are a wide variety of outlets that sell products such as old music CDs, and ethnic apparels and accessories. It felt like travelling back in time when I was taking a stroll through the old Manali market. The best picks of the market place are T-shirts, beads and other accessories such as bags and artificial jewelleries.

Old Manali Market

Old Manali Market | Image Resource :

One can even indulge in the traditional ways of shopping and find some great bargains at this place. The market also features some beautifully designed silver jewellery and colourful woollens that can be purchased for self consumption or can be taken as souvenirs for friends and family.

The old Manali market also sells some beautiful handicraft materials that show the authentic art and culture of the region. Besides the great variety of products kept on sale in this shopping destination one can always find something new here. The atmosphere here is busy yet peaceful. One can set his best bargain foot forward to negotiate the prices for his purchases. Hence this is the perfect place for those who prefer affordable shopping.

Shooping in Old Manali Market

Shooping in Old Manali Market | Image Resource :

I was quite delighted to discover the hidden treasures of Manali in this old market place. Although I retrained myself from over shopping but as I returned back to the hotel I realised I had collected a lot of itty witty products that were probably not necessary. But any ways it was a pleasurable experience for me to be at the old Manali market where one can find everything at very affordable rates. As our trip ended I was very satisfied to have spent such quality time with my family and also to have refreshed my mind and body in the arms of Mother Nature.

Travel Photo Of The Week : Burma Bazaar Chennai

Burma Bazaar Chennai

Burma Bazaar Chennai | Image Resource : wikima

Summarization : Refugees from Burma have set up the Burma Bazaar in Chennai. It is a great market for buying all sorts of wares. I purchased some antiques and some accessories from this market. They are available at really affordable rates and that is what makes the Burma Bazaar a must visit for shopping enthusiasts.

Image of the Day : Pondy Bazaar Chennai

Pondy Bazaar Chennai

Pondy Bazaar Chennai | Image Resource :

Explanation :  Pondy Bazaar is a magnificent place for shoppers with a small budget. It was my friend who suggested this place to me. I purchased several sarees and dress materials all in a go. I really enjoyed shopping out here. The variety these people offer is surely marvellous. I am completely impressed.

Travel Photo Of The Week : Chennai City Centre

Chennai City Centre

Chennai City Centre | Image Resource :

Narration : I have always loved visiting Chennai. Food served by Tamilians is the major reason for this love. Food and shopping are some of my favorite activities that I prefer to do when I go for a casual outing. Chennai city centre is one of my favorite shopping destinations. It provides you with everything you need.

Aashima Mall, Bhopal – A Multipurpose Utility Area

It was the evening of my fifth day stay in Bhopal. In the morning, we had a wonderful time in the Bharat Bhawan. I learnt a lot about the cultural evidences of India. Being a teacher of Social Science, it was indeed my type of thing as I got a good dose of knowledge in the form of arts, language and literature. Till the fifth day I had not found any time for shopping and marketing in the new city. Being an ardent lover for shopping and a shopaholic by heart, I could not resist the temptation and finally I succeeded in convincing my husband for taking me round the Aashima Mall in Bhopal.

asihma mall, bhopal

Asihma Mall, Bhopal | Image Resource :

The mall is built up on a land of 1 million square feet. The presence of this modern mall has changed the face of Bhopal and provided it the much contemporary look and luster among other cities. There are different stores within the mall which sell clothing, accessories, body care items, stationeries, automobiles, jewelry, home decoration items, garments for kids, men and women. The different items found in the mall are under a single roof therefore one may not have to move from one place to another for buying things. Also one can find gift shops and souvenir stores in the mall which are decent places to buy something for friends. I bought few souvenirs to gift my friends back at Puri.

inside view of aashima mall, bhopal

Inside View of Aashima Mall, Bhopal | Image Resource :

Apart from several stores there are different eateries and food joints present in the mall that provides the much needed relaxation of the people. Café, kitchen counters, restaurants and bars are housed within the mall. People can even taken their children to the mall as there are kid’s toy train, cinepolis, toy car and play on facilities which will amuse them and keep them occupied for a long time.

The mall is quite decent place where facilities and services are of the top grade. They provide services and facilities such as a Wi-Fi zone, prams, wheelchair, first Aid, baby and mother care rooms, doctor on call, rickshaw stand and ‘lost n found’ center.

We spent a good 3 hours within the mall and surprisingly that was not enough to see the entire mall in a single time. Finally we had our dinner in the food joints present there and came back to the hotel.