My Travel from Puri to Madurai via Rail Route – A Journey to Experience the Southern Part of India

Being a social science teacher I teach my students about the culture and heritage of India. I love to travel all around the country, which is full of various lifestyles, cultures, beliefs, etc. The vividness yet feeling of belongingness that is shared by Indians is truly amazing and draws my interest towards traveling and exploring the whole of the country. This vacation I planned to visit the oldest city of Tamil Nadu i.e. Madurai, which is renowned for its loaded cultural and historic heritage.

Puri Railway Station

Puri Railway Station | Image Resource :

Puri KDJR Express

Puri KDJR Express | Image Resource :

I searched on the internet for various travel portals that offer all the information regarding the tickets availability, fares, accommodation, etc and finally, decided to travel via rail route to our destination. I booked our tickets on the Puri KDJR Express that departs from Puri at 6:15 am and reaches the Khurda Road Junction at 7:10 am covering a distance of 44 kilometers. Hereafter, we took the BBS RMM Express that departed from the Khurda Road Junction at 12:35 pm and reached the Karaikkudi junction at 7:15 pm. The journey was quite comfortable and my kids were quite excited all the way long.

Khurda Road Junction

Khurda Road Junction | Image Resource :

BBS RMM Express

BBS RMM Express| Image Resource :

Then, we took a cab and reached our destination i.e. Madurai where I had pre-booked the hotel GRT Residency for our stay using the online booking facility offered by this famous hotel. One can also avail discounts on air travel and hotel bookings at Madurai by taking the Madurai flight hotel package offered by popular travel websites. All the famous hotels in Madurai can be booked online via the hotel booking apps as well. However, popular travel websites offer the facility to book flights and accommodation at Madurai at very affordable prices and according to the service preferences of clients.

Karaikkudi Junction

Karaikkudi Junction | Image Resource :

The beautiful city of Madurai is located only at a distance of 450 kilometers from the city of Chennai, so it is often preferred by travelers to take a flight to Chennai and then travel further to Madurai via roadways. Some of the airlines mainly JetLite, Spice Jet and Jet Konnect are the airline companies that offer connectivity to Madurai from all parts of the country. Hence, one can avail the travel route and means which is most suitable and plan one’s trip accordingly.