Nehru Zoological Park – A Fun Filled Nature and Animal Park of Hyderabad

The visit to the Falaknuma Palace was mind blowing. The rooms and halls of the Palace were lavish and awe inspiring. After the visit to this Palace we went to visit the Nehru Zoological Park in the city. This was the place which we visited on the request of my kids. The Park is one of the most visited destinations in the city and houses more than 100 species of animals.

The zoo is located near the Mir Alam Tank in the city. We reached the Park after having our lunch. The first section which we visited inside the Park was the animal section. There are nearly 100 species of different birds and animals which include endangered species like Indian rhino, Asiatic Lions and Bengal Tigers. Apart from these animals we also witnessed the Panthers, elephants, Deer, Antelopes and many different species of Birds from all over the world.

nehru zoological park

Nehru Zoological Park |Image Resource :

We took a safari trip inside the Park. This is a fun ride which goes through the sections where Asiatic lions, Bengal tigers, sloth bear and other animals are housed. The natural history museum of the zoo is also a fun learning way to get educated about the different animals and species. The zoo also arranges a feeding session and other educational shows.

Tigers At Zoo

Tigers At Zoo | Image Resource :

One good thing which I admired about the zoo was its nocturnal house which artificially reserves night and days for the different animals so that all nocturnal animals are fresh and active while the visitors are there in the park. This exhibit houses bats, loris, civets, hedgehogs, barn owls, and other species of owls. Apart from this there is also an exhibit which houses an aquarium and a dinosaur park, Butterfly Park and a house exclusively for different species of tortoises.

The kids were thrilled to visit the Nehru Zoological Park and so were we. We clicked many pictures inside the zoo to keep them as memories forever. After this visit, it got a little dark so we decided to visit the biggest attraction of the city of Hyderabad, Charminar, the iconic structure which defines the very essence of the city.


Kamakhya Temple Assam – A Prominent and Renowned Temple

The tour of Assam has been a fascinating one till now. Today I have decided to visit the world famous Kamakhya Temple Assam as it is a legendary temple with renowned charms. This well known Hindu temple is devoted to the Goddess Kamakhya who is also known as the mother Goddess.

Kamakhya Temple Assam

Kamakhya Temple Assam | Image Resource :

There are fifty one Shakti Peeths in India and it is one of the oldest and most revered one. Situated in the city of Guwahati in the state of Assam, this distinguished temple is located on the top of the Nilachal Hills. The river Brahmaputra flows on the northern side of the hills. This holy and ancient temple is even mentioned in the oldest of religious books relating to India like the Devi Purana, Devi Bhagawata and Tantra Chudamani.

Kamakhya Temple Wall

Kamakhya Temple Wall | Image Rsource :

This temple will always be referred to as the centerpiece for Shakti Worshipers in our country. The temple has four chambers and the inner sanctum or commonly called the garbagriha and here the Goddess is not worshipped in an idol form but as a consort or wife of Lord Shiva thus representing nature’s pro-creative aspects. Inside the premises there are other temples of Gods and Goddesses like Sitala Temple and the Jaya Durga Temple. From 8.00 AM to 1.00 PM and later from 2.30 PM to 5.30 PM, the doors of the temple are opened for the devotees. Then the Aarti of the goddess is sung and after that, the doors of the temple are closed for the night. The temple is nestled between scenic hills and natural grandeur. The exotic beauty of the place as well as the mystical and supernatural significance has made it a mystery which no one has been able to decipher. I took many photographs over there as remembrance but let me tell you this place needs no snaps. It was so amazing that I just have to close my eyes and every detail flashes in front of me even today. This pilgrimage center has been an eye opener in various ways.

Kamakhya Temple Assam is an important and prominent temple amongst the Hindu devotees and specially a revered hub amongst the Tantric worshippers. I feel privileged and honored to have been able to visit this historical temple.

Travel Photo Of The Week : Bhimshankar Wildlife Sanctuary, Pune

Bhimshankar Wildlife Sanctuary, Pune

Bhimshankar Wildlife Sanctuary, Pune | Image Resource :

About Bhimshankar Wildlife Sanctuary, Pune : We teachers were given free passes to bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary. This official wanted us to check out the features and attractions. It is situated at sahyadri range therefore it is blessed with a beautiful ambience. I must say that this wildlife sanctuary will be perfect for students of all ages.