May this year bring to you all 365 days of happiness and joy. Happy New Year 2016.

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New Year Message : I wish all my friends, family and well-wishers a very happy and cheerful new year. My wishes are also for the ones who belong to an altogether different corner of the world. This is the day for which we all have been waiting for eagerly so that we can give a start to all our new ventures, dreams and goals.


What To Keep In Mind When You Teach Your Child To Sew?

One must keep his child busy in the growing stages. You can engage your child in different activities like painting, sewing, making crafts, writing and singing. Sewing is an art that should be taught to the child keeping certain guidelines in mind. Here are some vital facts you must remember when you teach your child to sew.

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Teach The Child The Basic Concepts Of Sewing

Avoid your temptation to dictate rules to your child. A child learns sewing only when you teach the child different concepts related to sewing.

  • Sewing Basics

The child should understand that sewing helps to hold the two pieces of fabric together. They are used with a purpose similar to gluing or stapling the fabrics together.

  • Stitch Length

The stitch length actually decides the tightness of the stitch. The stitches must be close to each other if you want a tight stitch.

  • Layers

Many times when we sew, we tend to work in layers. We may also have to work in backward layers. You must thus explain the concept of layers clearly to your child.

  • Be By Your Child’s Side Guiding And Helping
guid your child to sew

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It is always best to be by your child guiding him at every stage how he should go about sewing. This helps kids to feel motivated.

  • Proceed With Sewing Gradually

Do not expect the child to learn everything at a fast pace. Proceed in a slow and gradual pace so that the child has enough time to grasp the techniques. You must start off with simple fabrics that are easy to sew. Once the child gets the hang of it, you may proceed to tougher fabrics. Gradual transitions are always better for the learning process.

  • Be Patient With Your Child

Do not underestimate your child’s abilities. Proceed in a gradual way encouraging your child to use his creative skills. Appreciate your child’s art and intelligence. This will surely help the child to learn faster.

Never be strict with a child. A child learns only when his skills are duly appreciated and admired.

Wishing you and your loved ones a warm and wondrous Christmas!

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Christmas Message : Christmas reminds me of the wonderful story of how Jesus Christ was born. In the cold night, three kings kneeling before a baby boy is the image that has stuck in my mind. In the same spirit Christmas gives us hope to wish and look forward to what the next year holds for us.


Top Five Resorts In Hyderabad For Making Your Vacation Awesome!

Hey everyone! It’s your Anushri here, and once again I have come up with a blog that you would find highly information yet interesting. Being a teacher of history subject, places like Hyderabad always attract me. I find their charisma quite fascinating.

The charm of this old city perfectly captures the elements of modern world as well. Even though the resorts in Hyderabad provide all the elements of modern luxury, but their souls still make you feel close to Nature. The tropical wet and dry climate of this city combined with its rich flora and fauna makes the resorts truly enchanting. There are a number of wildlife sanctuaries in Hyderabad.

resorts In hyderabad

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To help you out for your next trip to Hyderabad, I have jotted down five really good resorts in this city. Check them out:

vishal prakruthi resorts

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Vishal Prakruthi Resorts– The most attractive aspect about this resort which I think is the ethnic look. If you are a lover of nature and also happen to be vegetarian, this resort will surely impress you. With facilities like kid’s pool, steam bath, and indoor games, Vishal Prakruthi can be an outstanding choice.

golkonda resorts and spa

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Golkonda Resorts and Spa– It is needless to say that this resort is primarily known for its state-of-the-art spa facilities. If you have the desire to revive your worn out mind and body then I would strongly recommend this option in Hyderabad.

leonia holistic Resorts

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Leonia Holistic Destination– This resort I believe is inclined more towards a luxurious treat. The rooms are quite large and the interiors are absolutely modern and trendy. Safe box, refrigerator, and iron are some of the basic amenities provided by this resort.

dhola-ri-dhani resort

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Dhola-ri-Dhani– From the name itself you can make a guess about its theme. This resort is for those who want to experience Rajasthani hospitability at its best. The elegantly designed rooms come with features like mini bar, safe box, laundry bag, etc. Rajasthani folk musical performance and other cultural events are often organized at this resort for the guests.

celebrity club

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Celebrity Club– Last but not the least, this is one of the best resorts in Hyderabad that have become famous for its green surroundings. This resort is spread across a huge area situated amid the beauty of Nature. Theme row cottages and Galaxy cottages are the two exclusive options offered by this resort.

The Yummy Chocolate­Banana Snack Recipe

My child loves the chocolate banana snack I prepare on Sundays. He never misses the snack and so now I wish to share this lovely recipe with all my keen readers.

Key Ingredients

  • Medium Bananas, ripe ­2 in number
  • Flour­ 1 1⁄4 Cups
  • Sugar­ 3⁄4 Cups
  • Vegetable Oil Cup
  • Water Cup
  • Salt­ 1⁄4 tsp
  • Baking Soda­ 1 tsp
  • Vinegar­ 1 tsp
  • Semisweet Chocolate Chips­ Cup
  • Unsweetened Baking Cocoa­ Cup
chocolate­ banana snack recipe

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Method Of Preparation

1. You must first heat the oven to 350F. Place the bananas in an ungreased pan. Mash the fruit using a fork and stir in the remaining ingredients except

the chocochips.

2. Once the batter is prepared, sprinkle the chocochips over the batter.

3. Bake the batter in the oven for 35­37 minutes.

4. Let it cool completely for around 45 minutes.

5. Your delicious dessert is ready to be served.

Nutritional Facts About The Dessert

  • One serving of this dessert contains:
  • Calories­ 270 calories
  • Total Fat­ 11gms
  • Cholestrol­ 0 mg
  • Protein­ 3 g
  • Sodium­ 210 mg
  • Carbohydrates­ 41 gm

You can serve this lovely snack during parties and events. Children will surely bite off the last piece of this dessert. They are sure to love it. You may even modify the recipe to suit your child’s needs. You may serve it after lunch or dinner. You may even treat your child with this yummy dessert. Since you can make it at home, it has to be hygienic. It is also a nutritious option for a growing child.

Travel Photo Of The Week : The Park Hotel Hyderabad

park hotel hyderabad

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The Park Hotel Hyderabad : My cousin’s marriage took place in this hotel and I loved how well the management took care of all the necessary arrangements. The ambience of the venue was really good and they even arranged for the guests to visit the tourist attractions in taxis. The rooms were elegantly yet simple decorated.


Quote of the Week – By Asian Proverb

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Description  : “I hear I forget, I do and I remember.” This is a quote which I see is followed in all schools especially to teach children. Yes close to this quote is the one which says it is better to see something, than to hear about it. This is the reason I am always taking my kids with me on holidays.