Central University of Jharkhand – A Place Committed to Training Young Minds

Hi! This is Anushri again. My vacation in Jharkhand brought back the feeling of my good old college days when I visited the Central University of Jharkhand. Being a passionate traveler with a strong and ever-growing interest in the history and culture of India, I visit places that mark the significance of the rich history and heritage of the country. This has helped me have a deep understanding of the diversity our country beholds. We started from our hotel in the morning and we had cut out our plan. Hiring a cab, we traveled a distance of 25 km from Ranchi to visit the university.

central university of jharkhand

Central University of Jharkhand | Image Resource : cuj.ac.in/

Established in 2009, the Central University of Jharkhand, which is engaged in teaching and research, is rightly called the Central University of India. It has a beautiful campus and I was taken aback by the way it stretches to about 45 acres. The campus is said to meet the environmental concerns of the place with the conservation of a variety of local flora. With the Sal trees lined up all along the campus looked evergreen and beautiful. I learned from the local staff that the university has been granted a permanent land at Manatu, Ranchi. It is an expansive 500 acres that is under construction.

The CUJ offers Integrated Masters Programs of 5 years duration and one can specialize choosing any of the 20 discipline offered by the university. Other than these, it also offered some post graduate programs and Ph.Ds. The Integrated Masters Programs are designed on Choice-based Credit system (CBCS) spread out in10 Semesters. I felt a liking for the disciplines the university offered. We went around and had a look at the library. I was awe-struck with the large collections and varieties of books made available for the students. They were neatly arranged and labeled for easy reference. There also a digital library for the convenience of the students. The university also has an auditorium, which is quite big.

When we finished it, we were exhausted. Our guide took us to a small eatery that offered some quick bite and refreshments. I savored on the snacks thinking about the university and campus still lingering in my mind.