Famous Dish of the Hyderabad : Chicken Pakora

chicken pakora

Chicken Pakora | Image Resource : sajsojja.com

Chicken Pakora : The Indian form of chicken nuggets is called the Chicken Pakora or dumpling. This little deep fried pieces of chicken burst with delicious flavors and are every non-vegetarian lover’s favorite. They are current hot starter at every home and are truly delish. Just writing about them has gotten me hungry and I am off to order one right away!


Travel Photo Of The Week : Leonia Holistic Resort

leonia holistic resort

Leonia Holistic Resort | Image Resource : wordpress.com

Leonia Holistic Resort : This time I was very keen to stay at the Leonia Holistic resort as my children too were with me. I was comfortable staying here because there is a power back-up and the rooms all have a complimentary breakfast. The kids simply loved the barbeque area and the dishes were all simply grilled to perfection.

Travel Food of the week : Hyderabadi Haleem

hyderabadi haleem

Hyderabadi Haleem | Image Resource : kfoods.com

Hyderabadi Haleem : The special regional dishes and artistic product is what goes in my mind whenever I visit a new place. As a teacher, I love sharing my experience of different places and its speciality to my students after every trip. During my one such trip, me and my kids relished on world famous Hyderabadi Haleem. Being a total foodie, I loved every single bite of the dish which is full of rich ingredients.

Golconda Fort – Magnificent Structure with a Great Historical Significance

After the night spent at the luxurious Harathi Taramati Baradari resort we were quite refreshed to begin our next day’s adventure in the city. Our trip to Hyderabad was coming to an end so we decided to make most of the day. The next place which we decided to visit was the Golconda Fort. The fort is one of the most famous attractions in the city and is located on the outskirts and resembles a mini kingdom.

The look of the fort from outside is truly spectacular. Its mega walls and the rustic gates of the fort together with the ruins reminds of the bygone era of the city. The fort once used to be the centre of the diamond trade and this is the reason some of the most precious stones like Kohinoor and Daryainoor were excavated from the area near the fort.

golconda fort

Golconda Fort Hyderabad | Image Resource : ticketgoose.com

The walls of the Golconda Fort are 20 metre high and its gigantic gates catch the admiration of one and all. The visit to this fort seemed like a time travel back to history. There are some key attractions which one can find inside the fort. Fateh Darwaza or the Victory gate is one of the best attractions inside the fort.

fateh darwaza

Fateh Darwaza | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

carvings of hanuman ,ram and lakshma in golconda fort

Carvings of Hanuman ,Ram and Lakshma in Golconda Fort | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

When we entered the fort we were spell bound to see the domes, halls and the presence of temples and mosques inside the fort. There are also the Royal stables which are present inside the complex of the fort. The 400 year old gardens are lush green. One has to hike a bit inside the fort as many spots inside the complex are located at higher places. It is good to wear some shoes for this visit.

The fort also arranges for light and sound show which is held in the evening and the entire tale of the fort and the Hyderabad is narrated through the show. We were lucky to get tickets for the light show. The place is surely one of the must visit places in Hyderabad due to its beauty and relevance.

After this visit to the Golconda Fort, the next place which we visited was the Qutub Shahi tombs.

Falaknuma Palace – A Lavish Palace Showcasing the Royalty of Nizams

It was a wonderful visit to the Ramoji Film City. This was the first time we witnessed such massive film sets and got an idea how much work goes on into making the movies and television series. After the trip to Ramoji Film city, we went to visit the next destination in our list which was the Falaknuma Palace, one of the biggest attractions in the city of Hyderabad.

falaknuma palace

Falaknuma Palace | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The palace was built by Vikar-ul-Ulmara and its construction started in the year 1884. After 9 years of construction the Palace was complete. It is one of the finest palaces located in the city which is made up of Italian marbles. The palace was later on bought by the Nizam IV of Hyderabad and since functioned as the Royal guest house. The biggest attraction of the palace is its reception which is lavishly adorned with imported frescoes from Europe.

falaknuma Palace dining table

Falaknuma Palace Dining Table | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The Palace is spread across an area of 9 lakh square metres and has 220 rooms and more than 20 halls all of which are lavishly decorated. The dining table of the Palace can accommodate 100 guests at one time. The table ware is made of gold and silver. The Palace truly represents the wealth and class of the Nizams of Hyderabad.

The walls of the halls showcase some of the finest oil paintings of the family of Asafi Jahi and other notable dignitaries from around the world. The staircase serves as a historic picture gallery. The Palace is certainly one of the distinguished landmarks of the city.  A trip to the city is incomplete without a visit to the Falaknuma Palace.

The palace is hardly 5 km from Charminar and there are many modes of transport available from the city to reach there. Those who love to visit palaces and forts, Falaknuma Palace is a must visit for them to see how lavish the Royalty of Hyderabad were. After the visit to the Palace, we decided to try some of the local Hyderabadi food and visit our next place which was the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad. It is one of the biggest zoos in the state.

Ramoji Film City – Indian Film Industry’s Wonder Place

Once we reached Hyderabad we decided not to waste any further time and begin with the excursions from a famous tourist attraction located in Secunderabad known as the Ramoji Film City. It is said to be an ideal place for the diehard fans of Bollywood Cinema. The film city sprawls over an area of 1667 acres and is full of film sets and lush green compounds decorated with flowers and fountain.

ramoji film city

Ramoji Film City | Image Resource : travelnewsdigest.in

The film city was established by Ramoji Group for providing the film industry with suitable sets and locations. It has all the required settings for a film to be shot and state of the art facilities for all kinds of tourists and travelers who come here to take a glimpse of this massive wonder. There are many movies which have been shot in this film city.

It was a wonderful feeling to visit the film city. I have always heard of the big banner films whose sets are recreated in these kinds of film cities but this was the first time we visited a real one. There are many top film houses which have used the sets of Ramoji film City to shoot their movies. The film city is also an active centre for other media like newspapers and television channels like ETV.

The film city is also an ideal destination for leisure purposes. The place has many entertainment facilities which include games, shopping destinations and food courts. There is also provision for corporate events at the film city. It was a great place to begin our adventures in the city. It is one of those places where you love to hang out with kids and family.

There are many packages available for tourists to visit the film city. There is a royal Package which includes air conditioned bus tour of the entire film city and lunch at a premium hotel of the city. Once we were done with the visit to this amazing film city, we headed for our next destination which was the Falaknuma Palace of Hyderabad, a famous attraction of the city and a heritage palace barely 5 km from the Charminar.