Indian School of Mines, Jharkhand – One of the Must-Visit Places

I want to post my wonderful experience in Jharkhand. It was the second day of our vacation and we had Indian School of Mines, Jharkhand as the place to visit on top priority. It was not until I heard from one of my colleagues about ISM that I developed a strong interest to visit it. A teacher by profession, I have inclination for visiting and knowing the historical places and buildings in India. Being a culture lover, I make it a point to learn and experience the culture of my country whenever I get an opportunity. For years, I have heard about the architecture and beauty of structures build in British India. But when I heard about Indian School of Mines, I could not stop and took the first opportunity to visit the place.

indian school of mines university

Indian School of Mines University | Image Resource :

We got up early in the morning groggy-eyed and immediately got ready to travel to Dhanbad. ISM, as it is popularly known, is located in Dhanbad, which is one of the prominent cities in Jharkhand. We learned through our guide that it was established in 1926 by the British when they ruled India. A teacher within me, I decided to explore the university without wasting my time. I learned that the university offered as many as seventeen academic branches that covered Earth Sciences, Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, Management and Humanities to name a few.

The local staff told us the university was built in similar lines with Royal School of Mines, London with focus on mining engineering. ISM has a large campus spread out and seeing it I allowed my imagination to do its work thinking how good it looked if I am working in this place. My kids and hubby had a nice time walking around and exploring things. We spent some time at the Geological Museum, Central Library, Seismic Observatory, and Long Wall Mine Gallery.

indian school of mines

Indian School of Mines | Image Resource :

By then, it was afternoon and time for lunch. We were quite exhausted. Our guide took us to the neat and expansive canteen on the one side of the campus and we had a delicious meal with a lot of vegetables. We spent a few more hours there before going back to our room carrying the memories of the university and campus.