Jharkhand War Memorial – A Tribute to the Martyrs

We had a quite busy schedule in Jharkhand. Like any seasoned travelers, I had my travel plans cut out. After the stadium visit, I want to post my experience of visiting Jharkhand War Memorial. An avid reader of books, mostly history books, I am quite interested in the history, culture and heritage of the country. I learned our country’s long and rich history is etched in the wonderful suburban places and ethnic villages, and Jharkhand is one with charming little towns such as Ranchi and Dhanbad. Furthermore, the place is known for the military history, wherein many people have sacrificed their life in 1971.

I was cold in the morning as we started getting ready to travel to a nearby place. Our guide, Sitaram, took us to the Jharkhand War Memorial, which is located in Dipatoli in Ranchi, just a few kilometers away from our hotel. The place offered reminiscence of the struggles put in by the jawans of our country. Having established in 2008, the place have gained a lot significance for its museum by the side. We saw a huge cemetery there. The place was dedicated to those soldiers who fought for our country and sacrificed their life. We sank into a deep melancholy as we read the long list that has everyone’s name from before the independence until now.

war memorial jharkhand

War Memorial Jharkhand | Image Resource : nextlive.jagran.com/jharkhand-war-memorial-201308130068

Standing there with all the respect and paying homage to the martyrs, we felt the pain that is going through with their family. We moved slowly to the museum that showcased all the ancient and modern weapons used by the army earlier and now. A strong culture lover, I loved to watch some interesting models of industry in Jharkhand that depicted the rich history and culture of the place.

After some time, we left the place carrying high memories of the war. The kids were quite tired and we had a short break at one of the best in class restaurants relishing the traditional food of the place. While posting this blog, I felt a heavy heart for those who had given their life for us and for the country.