Kanke Dam, Jharkhand – A Place to Retreat

Still brimming with the excitement of visiting ISM, we talked about the campus and the university for some time in the room. By then, it was time to get ready to travel to another place, Kanke Dam, which is nearby. I felt quite refreshing taking a break from my busy work schedules that include long hours of teaching and training sessions, extra classes, preparations, and so on. My kids were really enjoying as they found many things to learn and experience. I also had good time learning about historical places, museums and monuments in India. While we were getting, my husband browsed the Internet and found the Kanke Dam, Jharkhand to be an exciting place worth a visit.

We hopped a cab to Kanke Dam, which is just 5 km from the Ranchi town. Situated at the elevation of more than 600 feet on the foot of Gonda Hills, Kanke Dam is a large water reservoir. Its serene water and scenic beauty fascinated me. The secluded environment of the place attracted me a lot. My kids liked the atmosphere filled with the pleasing sounds of water and birds. I felt the air fresh and took deep breathe filling my lungs with air as much as possible. I saw not many families visiting this place. There were many lovers around. We found a convenient spot and relaxed looking at nature. By then, it was going to be sunset and I wanted to enjoy it.

jonha falls

Jonha Falls | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonha_Falls

rock garden

Rock Garden | Image Resource : touristlink.com/india/rock-garden-ranchi/overview.html

We spent a good time there looking at the waterfall munching the snacks. After staying there for a while, we traveled to nearby Hundru and Johna waterfalls and Rock Garden. We had a wonderful time at the Rock Garden. There are a lot of sculptures and we strolled around looking at the waterfalls. I learned that the place was built artificially with many statues carved on the stone. We found some of the creations to be quite ancient. The place attracted a lot of people. It was going to be late and we had to return. We walked back to our cab with the memories of Kanke. I remember a wonderful thing about Kanke Dam is how environmentally friendly it is!