Ranchi Lake, Jharkhand – A Perfect Vacation Spot to Spend with Family

Our visit to Jharkhand state had taken to third day. So far we had a good time here. Blame it on our sedentary lifestyle, or stereotype living, life becomes miserable if not for a family vacation that helps rejuvenate our body and mind. Of the many choices available, we picked Jharkhand as our destination because I learned that it is a best place to spend time with the family. Sitting in the room I was having a cup of tea enjoying the surroundings outside. My husband suggested that we visit Ranchi Lake in the morning.

ranchi lake

Ranchi Lake | Image Resource : indianmirror.com/tourism/ranchi.html

While I was getting ready, my husband conducted a small research on the internet about Ranchi Lake and came out with some information that can be handy during our travel. Within a few minutes, we started off.  Once I stepped out of the room, I felt a liking for the place. We got into the cab, which was waiting for us. I looked around and felt fascinated with the people and place. A culture lover I am, I could experience the rich culture of our country, which is apparent in the quaint brick villages, historical structures, lakes and rolling hills. The lake is ideally located in the Ranchi hills, which serves as a perfect backdrop for a tourist destination. Though an artificial lake built by a British in 1842, its serene water serves as an attraction to a lot of tourists.

I felt the environment quite captivating for all the unearthly charm the lake offered. The kids were quite excited playing in the water. I grabbed this opportunity to capture a few snaps of them and the surroundings to make it a memorable moment. We also climbed the highest point of the hill and looked around to have a panoramic view of the city. The nature around was astounding. While coming down, we made a point to visit the Lord Shiva temple and offered our prayers. A popular temple in this place, it was not crowded and we had a good dharshan of the Lord. I would never forget this trip in my life and would love to visit again some time in future.

ranchi jagannath temple

Ranchi Jagannath Temple | Image Resource : hoparoundindia.com/jharkhand/attractions-gallery/33121/jagannath-temple.aspx#4