My Train Travel Experience with My Family from Puri to Hatia by Tapaswini Express

Traveling has been a lot to me for many years. Being a culture lover, I like to travel to different places in India. Settled in Puri, I plan a family vacation every year. This time we had a plan chalked out to visit some historical places in Jharkhand. My kids were really excited as we planned to travel from Puri to Hatia by Tapaswini Express. The train travel always means a lot to me since I can learn the different cultures of our country. I have never come across a meeting point other than in trains for different types of people travel in them every day.

tapaswini express

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On the journey day, we were quite excited and prompt enough to reach the station in time. The train arrived early and we found ourselves comfortable in our seats waiting for it to start at 8.35 pm. I found a window seat so that I can take a good view of the nature in its unbridled form. The journey was really exciting and to add flavor to it we had a nice family traveling with us to Ranchi. They belong to Kolkata and were quite enchanting sharing their experience, culture and food with us. A natural foodie, I instantly liked their food though I shared some of the food recipes that I am good at. My kids had a good time playing with their children. They enjoyed talking about the latest movies, games and books.

The unwinding geographical features of places like the lofty mountains, evergreen landscapes and beautiful rivers and lakes all along were quite captivating. They made me feel refreshed and more energetic. Though it was a long journey, I never felt a moment bored or exhausted. Thanks to my travel mates, they kept me engaged talking about the rich culture and traditions and the exciting places that are worth visiting in their city. I also had my share of information explaining the historical places that I had been and the places that offer good shopping experience.

It was time to sleep and I slept immediately. At 6.30 am, I felt the train stopping at Jharsuguda Junction. We reached Rourkela Junction at 8.10 am from where we finished our breakfast. It was 11.45 am when we reached Hatia. It was a nice journey all along and we enjoyed it very much!

hatia railway station

Hatia Railway Station | Image Resource :